(Fiquette 2)

Help Mr Figuette, the little gentalman thief, to steel all the cash he can from Bootleg City Central Bank. Remasted for the new mobile wider screen sizes.


An endless shooter, along the lines of the Defecter Classic Acrade Machine.
An instant gaming classic!!


Take on the German Air Force as the Last Mustang.
Retro style side scroller shooter made for the mobiles!!

BootLeg Getaway

Follow up game to our award winning games "Get Fiquette" & "HEIST" mobile games. Help Fiquette getaway in his steam powered car full of tricky contraptions & cool gadgets. Using a hand drawn black & white art style.

Get Fiquette

Remake of our classic game with modern, high res '22 graphics.
Get Fiquette before end escapes!!

Sexy Games Anthology

Games anthology of things a little bit norty.
Free games, to our Patreon supporters.

Tito (PC)

DKUGM first game released back in the dark ages of 2004.
An old PC game for Windows.

Tito Mine Cart Racing (PC)

Inspired by the Indian and the temple of Doom.

Go Joe Pogo (PC)

Our tribute to Q-Bit.

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